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O nás / About us

What Prouvé owes to France?

Even though we are a Polish company, we have strong ties with France. Our essential oils which make our products incredibly fragrant come from the French city of Grasse. To underline these ties, we invented a French name that sounds beautifully. As we appreciate French style and French approach to beauty, we decided to combine them with Polish creativity and openness.


What stands behind Prouvé logo?

The logo of Prouvé evokes our key promises. Two intertwined letters P represent joined hands. This is a promise that we will always support you. Our logo also bears resemblance to an open French rose, famous for its intense scent. This is one of the most beautiful symbols of fragrance, which is also a reminder that our products contain only French essential oils. This is why they smell so nicely!


Origins of our ideas

Where do our ideas come from? The answer is simple — from the daily life. We are positively pragmatic. We are not after lunar flights, instead we focus on daily activities and we make them less complicated and more pleasant. Here, you won’t find impractical products or random gadgets. Every product has its purpose, it is effective and proven. Since ‘Prouvé’ means ‘proven’, it simply couldn’t be otherwise.


Where three scent notes come from?

All labels on our fragrant products specify three scent notes which inspired the entire fragrance. These three notes are the main theme of the perfume composition, whereas other ingredients form a subtle, perfectly matching background. When you pay attention to the architecture of the fragrance, you may find them in different places: in the head, heart and base notes. The three notes are to help you imagine the fragrance and help you choose perfume you will love.


Why we care so much about beautiful design?

We simply love beautiful things and we take care of the details. While designing each packaging, we pay attention not only to an elegant label but we also think hard how to make your life easier. You will immediately notice that our bottles and dispenser caps are practical and our atomizers precise. The colours we choose say much about us. The white colour symbolizes cleanness and the black colour classic elegance. Together they symbolize our philosophy based on honesty and simple rules. In black and white, no colouring needed.  


How Prouvé will make you happy?

When getting to know our products you will smile at least three times. First, when you smell their beautiful scent. Second, when you see how they work and third, when you see their price. We believe that life is about small pleasures that do not have to come expensive. This is why we pay so much attention to give you as much satisfaction as possible with every single activity, even the smallest one.


How to purchase our products?

Prouvé products are unique. To underline this feature we opted for an exceptional sales method, that is pure MLM. It means that we do not have a network of shops and that you won’t find our products on market, pharmacy shelves or on-line auctions. The only way to buy them is through our Partners. You may also become our Partner so that you may buy our products with a 25% discount and sell them to others. We make every possible effort to make our clients fully satisfied and so we ask you not to buy our products from people who are not our Partners.


What is great about Prouvé?

Our products are designed so as to be recommended to friends. There’s a simple game we would like to suggest: every time you smile while using our product think about the person to whom you will recommend it. Don’t forget that happiness is for sharing. Always.


Does Prouvé care about the environment?

Every package has a “Yes, we care” mark precisely because the answer is yes, we do care about the environment. Yes, it is important to us. We care about the environment but at the same time we do not pretend that our products contain only natural ingredients. We make use of technical innovations and discoveries in chemistry to make your life easier. We limit to the absolute minimum the content of allergens, parabens, SLS and bleaches. Our formulas are biodegradable and packagings are fully recyclable. We test our products on ourselves, never on animals.


How to pronounce Prouvé?

Prouvé is a French word meaning ‘proven’. It is very easy to pronounce: ‘PRU-VEY’.