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Micelární voda 3v1

Micellar Liquid 3in1




Číslo produktu: 305001
objem: 200 ml
269 Kč (Nejsme plátci DPH)

do košíku:

Makeup removal, cleansing and toning are three essential steps in caring for a fresh and attractive skin appearance every day. However, morning facial cleansing and evening make-up removal can be time-consuming and tiring. That's why we created MICELLAR LIQUID 3 IN 1 – a multifunctional, extremely delicate micellar liquid that will take care of your skin in a comprehensive way. The daily ritual of morning skin cleansing and evening makeup removal has never been so simple and pleasant! 3 IN 1 MICELLAR LIQUID incredibly effectively and quickly removes make-up, including waterproof mascara, eliminates sebum and dirt from the skin surface and restores skin pH - without rinsing! Recommended for face, neck and neckline..

What will you love it for? for the richness of active substances that will ensure the perfect condition of your skin. 3 IN 1 MICELLAR LIQUID contains a complex of ingredients ensuring the balance of skin microbiota, which makes the skin regain its proper pH and beautiful appearance. The Goji berries extract adds vitality to the skin, and the salt of hyaluronic acid perfectly moisturizes the skin, ensuring its firmness and elasticity

What will amaze you about it? effectiveness and speed with which it removes even waterproof makeup and the incredible effect of deeply cleansed and toned skin without the feeling of tightness. Perfectly prepares the skin for the application of cream or serum.

How to use it? in order to thoroughly cleanse and tone the skin, apply a small amount of liquid to the pad and wipe the face, neck and neckline. To remove eye make-up, place the liquid-soaked pad on the closed eyelids and hold for a while. No flushing required.*

What are we proud of? 92% of respondents confirmed that the cosmetic thoroughly and quickly removes the mascara (even waterproof!) and does not leave unsightly "pandas" under the eyes. 23 out of 25 found the cosmetic product unsurpassed during morning facial care and evening make-up removal.

What will provide you with extra protection? MICELLAR LIQUID 3 IN 1 has been tested under the supervision of an ophthalmologist and is also recommended for people with sensitive eyes and wearing contact lenses. The gentle formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

* on the basis of independent application and user tests conducted on a group of 25 persons

What is a skin microbiota?

Microbiota, or bacterial flora of the skin, are all microorganisms living on its surface. Its composition is determined from the moment of our birth and makes the skin of the face uniform and full of shine. However, environmental pollution, UV radiation or even stress can lead to an imbalance in the balance of the environment. Thanks to the presence of a complex of ingredients responsible for a healthy and balanced diet for skin microbiota, the MICELLAR LIQUID 3 IN 1 restores homeostasis to the skin, making even the effects of a very intensive lifestyle are not noticeable on the face.


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