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Úvod » PROUVÉ - dekorativní kosmetika » TVÁŘ » Tvářenka CORAL


Tvářenka CORAL

Natural blush colour 1 CORAL




Číslo produktu: 301007
310 Kč (Nejsme plátci DPH)

do košíku:

A bit of blush on the cheeks is the final touch of the perfect makeup in the nude version. It makes you look young and  exude a girlish charm. It is always worth having it on you, because you never know what the day is going to bring. And if you decide on a spontaneous night out after work, a touch of the PURE NATURAL BLUSH on your cheeks will instantly bring you to life! It will also help you contour your face, and its light, hypoallergenic formula, that does not overburden the skin, will also be suitable for individuals with sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Due to the high pigment saturation you only need to add a dab of this beauty product for a satisfying result.

What you will love it for: for accentuating your natural energy and vitality and the amazing result of radiant and fresh-looking skin.

How to use it: in order to obtain the most natural looking result, choose a shade most similar to your natural blushing cheeks. Apply a small amount of the blush to a brush and distribute it on your cheeks, then using delicate motions blot the outer borders of the applied product. Try to contour the face in such a way, that most of the blush remains on the cheekbones.

What will delight you about it: the wonderfully smooth, velvety texture, which allows for a convenient application and ensures a long-lasting effect for many hours.

What else should you know about it : we have selected two matte shades to give you precisely the result you intended to get.

What is our secret: in the composition of our NATURAL BLUSH you will find a natural emollient with a softening and protective effect. It provides the skin with the optimal level of hydration, protecting it against water loss and the infiltration of harmful substances from the environment. It is this emollient that lends the products their moisturizing effect.


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